Pleasure Craft Velvet Drive Transmissions

AW Diesel Repair Services is a leading provider in Adelaide of transmission rebuild and services for Velvet Drive transmissions.

AW Diesel Repair Services

A Leading Provider of Velvet Drive Transmission Rebuild Services

AW Diesel Repair Services has been rebuilding Velvet Drive transmissions since the 1980s and have been pleased to recommend Velvet Drive as a world leader in marine and industrial transmissions, using the highest quality in industry standards to provide the best products.

Both ski boat and agricultural versions of the Velvet Drive transmission have been major players in AW Diesel’s services, and they became a South Australian dealer in the mid-1990s, around the time Regal Beloit took the product over from Borg Warner.

The Velvet Drive Transmissions dealership continues to grow for AW Diesel as they now hold the national distributorship, working directly with the Velvet Drive’s main facility in South Carolina, USA.

AW Diesel have worked with customers in the high-performance racing industry, pushing more than 1800HP through their 72LHP model gearboxes.

Velvet Drive parts on the shelf at AW Diesel are extensive, stocking everything from a single gasket or seal ring to major overhaul kits.

AW diesel repair services in Adelaide Velvet diesel
AW diesel repair services in Adelaide Velvet diesel
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“We have been there, firsthand, while the product has extended its range into the wakeboarding boat market and to commercial fishing boats.”

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