About AW diesel repair services

AW Diesel Repair Services has a 40-year history as a family-owned and developed business, now involving a third generation. Based in Dry Creek, South Australia, AW Diesel Repair Services has established an excellent reputation for quality workmanship built through 50 years of experience and knowledge of the industry.

AW Diesel Repair Services

AW Diesel Repair Services established in 1982

Founders Allen & Esmai

Allen Wehrmann established AW Diesel Repair Services in 1982 with his wife Esmai, and over the years the company has worked with many different fields from all industries, ranging from road resurfacing equipment to marine and agricultural.

Safework Award

Allen received an award from SafeworkSA for the design and development of a safety braking system, which was implemented and installed to compaction rollers by companies such as Boral and Emoleum Asphalt. The innovative design was conceived and developed by Allen following a tragic accident involving a friend.

A Family Business

Son, Andrew, became involved with AW Diesel Repair Services in 1996, and diversified into another field to complement the core business of diesel repairs. Andrew completed his apprenticeship as a qualified refrigeration/electrical tradesman and was then able to offer additional services to customers through automotive/heavy equipment air conditioning repairs as well as commercial refrigeration repairs.

AW diesel repair services in Adelaide
AW diesel repair services in Adelaide

AW Diesel Repair Services

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Perkins Engines & Perkins Dealer of the Year

Registered Perkins dealer from 2003

A focus over the years developed from their love for Perkins Engines and AW Diesel Repairs became a registered Perkins dealer in 2003. Since that time, the company has continued to grow and develop, focusing on training, stock investment and tooling to support and concentrate on Perkins Engines and any equipment that they drive.

Andrew took over the helm of the company in 2017 and continued with both his vision and love for Perkins and Caterpillar industrial and genset engines and was named national Perkins Dealer of the Year in 2018.

Where we are now

AW Diesel Repair Services is even more family driven today, with Andrew and his partner Sandra working together with a strong philosophy of investment back into the company through training and facilities, so they can continue to service the equipment they know and support.

After Sales Support

AW Diesel Repair Services’ after sales support is second to none – It is the company’s philosophy for excellence, great customer communications, knowledge and passion for their business which has built the company and its loyal customer following.

“Our customers keep coming back because we have built relationships with them, know exactly what they need and back it up with great customer service.”

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