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A failsafe braking system for heavy plant machinery. Suitable for multi-tyred rollers, graders, front end loaders, water tanks, road rollers and any vehicle fitted with mechanical parking brake system. Alfasafe 'Emergency Stop Button' can be fitted to any type of earthmoving and mining equipment.

Alfasafe System Features
In the event of electrical, engine or hydraulic failure, the 'Alfasafe' parking brake will take effect and prevent the driven wheels from rotating on gradients up to 20% (11.3 degrees).

If the coefficient of friction between tyres and a surface is low, the tyres may slide a short distance without rolling. If the driven wheels do not slide, the roller will remain motionless on gradients up to 20%.

With a vehicle of 15,000kg operating mass for the 'Alfasafe Brake System' to be effective and efficient:

  • the vehicle must not be loaded above 15,000kg,
  • not less than one third of all the wheels must be mechanically connected to the propeller shaft,
  • local undulations beneath the wheels should not exceed a gradient of 20%
  • the non-asbestos brake pads must not have more than .31mm clearance,the parking brake must be initially burnished by decelerating 10 times, from 8 km/h, so that the roller came to a halt within 10 metres,

Alfasafe System Operation

The 'Alfasafe Brake System' is designed to 'release' when the oil pressure and hydraulic pressure are at their normal level.

With the engine running, a 'Green Button' on the driver's control panel can be pressed to apply hydraulic pressure against the belleville springs of the calliper, and this action releases the brake pads from the brake disc.

If one of the 'Red Buttons' (which are positioned on the drivers control panel and four exterior locations) is pressed, the brake pads will be applied against the brake discs.

'Alfasafe' system features automatically come into action when the engine is switched off, or fails, or when the hydraulic pressure in the steering circuit is low, or the red button is depressed. The oil drains from the calliper and the belleville springs compress the brakes against the brake disc.

Alfasafe System Specifications

The 'Alfasafe Brake System' has proven track record, and has been fitted and tested with multi-tyred road rollers to give outstanding results. The system has been road tested to stop a 15 tonne multi-tyred road roller within 10 metres.

'Alfasafe Brake System' is set to specification and loaded to slip at 19.8 kiloNewton metres torque.

Electronic Circuits are protected to provide a failsafe system.

Since the slip torque exceeds 12.8kNm the Alfasafe Brake System exceeds the requirements of standard SAE J263.

Components have been designed to give a factor of safety of at least 1.5.

When the elements of the system are at their wear limits, the requirements of SAE J263, for parking brakes will still be met.

Plant operation is high risk, and there are many injuries and fatalities. By regulation, the standard practice requires a parking brake to be effective on a gradient of 20%. Sadly, with age and wear, these requirements are not always met.

Alfasafe Brake System inventor Mr Allen Wehrmann has many years experience servicing large plant and machinery, in particular multi-tyred rollers. After much consideration of alternatives and current products in the market-place, taking into account all hazards, risks and regulations, the decision to develop the 'Alfasafe Brake System' has become a safety milestone.

Allen developed this outstanding fail-safe braking system after a friend was killed on a multi-tyred roller.

For further information on the Alfasafe Brake System, call us on (08) 8347 0083 or email us on

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